Taking Your Blog to the Next Level by Paying for Guests Posts

Why Consider Paying Your Posters?

moneyEarlier, we discussed how to increase your blog traffic from accepting guest posts.Contributors should help increase exposure to your blog by linking to their own articles on their social pages and websites. By increasing the contributions from quality writers, you have a way to increase your own site’s exposure. This works out better for everybody.

In turn, you can also increase your exposure by reaching out to other blog owners to submit guest articles. In fact, some of the best of these even pay bloggers, and you might consider doing that yourself. If you think about how long it takes you to research and write quality content, you might decide that paying the right guest bloggers $15, $25, $50, or even more makes a lot of sense. Even a token payment helps attract certain kinds of writers, and that payment may buy you quite a bit in terms of content quality, good will, and more.

Why consider paying for guests posts:

  • First, contributors provide you with content.If you’re putting that content on your own website, it should have value.
  • Secondly, your paid contributors can help increase your exposure by promoting their content on your site on their own blogs, social pages, or paid portfolios.
  • Finally, offering to pay for content creates a lot of good will with writers and makes your site look more credible to readers.

Of course, you don’t have to accept every submission. You can even choose to pay when you choose and just offer exposure at other times. You also have the right to make your submission guidelines clear. These guidelines can include tips about the type of content you will accept and even that you require some promotion after you publish. If you’re paying, you’re likely to generate a lot more submissions and have the luxury of being picker about what you’ll take.

How Much to Pay Guest Contributors to Your Website or Blog

Some writers will be more eager to accept even a token payment than nothing because they can add that piece as a paid sample to their portfolio. Typically, a minimum payment of $15 will generate some interest if you can also offer the writer some exposure. For a higher level of quality and promotion, you might offer to pay somewhat more or even much more.

Payments from paid blogs could range from $5 to over $300. Test out an amount you think is fair and likely to attract the right types of writers. Of course, a mention of your site in a writer’s portfolio helps you too. There are many ways that paying for guest articles and other contents can give you the kind of exposure and publicity that money just can’t buy.

How to Learn More About Paid Blogging

If you’re interested in learning more, you might check out these blogs that pay more than $100 per guest post.

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