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Do You Need Freelance Writing Money Fast?

Find Writing Clients Everywhere!

Find Writing Clients Everywhere!

It’s great to be a novelist and all, but even the big names did not really make a full-time living when they were starting out. I am going to give you some of the places I have actually made quick money as a freelance writer. This usually meant writing short commercial articles for business websites. Business also require engaging content in order to attract and retain potential customers, and there is a large market out there.

Of course, many freelance commercial writers have steady clients and make loads of cash. However, it can take some time to build a pipeline so you can start writing for big money, and that is why I am writing about places to find work and money quickly. In some cases, the clients you find quickly may even turn into long-term sources of work and income. I have certainly been hired to write 3 articles, and then ended up working for the same client for several months. You can certainly have the same experience.

Why did I leave out some sources of freelance writing work? I only have so much time in a day. I am only including actual places that have paid me for my work.

Can you really get paid fast? Well, yes and no. That said, most of these sites take some lead time to set up. For example, with most of the crowd sourced content sites, you have to wait for an approval. With Odesk, you have to wait 6 days for a payment transfer after you get paid too.

Can you get paid fairly? Each content mill, as I call them, works differently. Honestly, you may have to take some very low paying jobs to start and build up your credibility or gain direct clients. A lot of times the tasks are fairly low paying, but they are also very simple.

Places I Have Found Real Freelance Writing Work Quickly


Thousands of customers ask for all sorts of writing work performed on this site. It is also fairly easy to use, and you can get approved to start working very quickly. You basically only have to pass one simple quiz about using the system, but it is to your benefit to pass a few more free tests to establish your skills.

  • Complete your profile so you appear professional. Go ahead and add a picture and let clients know about your education and experience.
  • Add a portfolio. Clients like to see that you already have published work online.
  • Spend some time reading the help files so you understand how the system works.
  • The forums also have some great tips about crafting your profile and avoiding bad clients.

Personally, I only take fixed priced jobs because I don’t care to work on hourly jobs, and that actually limits me. But I have worked for several months with multiple clients after being hired for an initial job. It does not always work out that way, but sometimes it does.


Textbroker is probably the most well-known crowd-sourcing writer site on the Internet. Textbroker only takes US writers, and you do have to prove your identity. You must submit a short sample article first, and most of these get rated as a 3 or 4. Then you can submit 5 articles and get paid on them once they are accepted. This goes pretty fast. After you submit 5 articles, you will have a block on your account until they are reviewed, and this does not go that fast. But some writers work hard and earn a full-time living off of TextBroker alone.

  • Tip – If you can learn to write quickly and accurately, you can earn money here.
  • Yikes. they approved my first 5 articles right away, and I did get paid. However, it is taking quite awhile to get the block removed after the first 5 articles. I am in the queue, which must be quite long.


This is a different sort of website. You can either post articles to sell or write for requests. I wrote for a request. While it took awhile for the Ghostbloogers editors to approve my article, it sold almost immediately.

Purchased articles pay much better than sites on typical content mills, but you have to take a risk.

Constant Content

This site is larger than ghostbloggers, but rather similar. You can write for requests or write your own articles. The site does give out a lot of tips to you can write about popular topics. It is a good idea to review these suggestions and see what other authors are pricing their articles at before you get started. Reviews take awhile, and that is frustrating. But I did write an article for a request and sell it the day it was approved.

Again, this site is riskier because articles may sit for awhile before getting purchased, but they articles can sell for $30, $50, and more.

Combing Soon….

I have a couple more tests in the pipeline. Hopefully, you will bookmark this page and return for more information later.

Do You Have any Fast Sources of Freelancing Gigs?

You are free to register and leave your comments and questions here. Also, if you require the help of a freelance writer, this is a good place to find one! I may even know one.


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