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If you already have great renown as an author or writer, attracting subscribers to your writer’s newsletter may not present you with a big challenge. Of course, you probably also wouldn’t have taken the time to read this article if your audience was beating on your website all day to subscribe to your email list. Most of us un-famous writers need to use lists to build a relationship with readers, so we don’t enjoy the luxury of starting out that way.

Why Writers Need a List and How to Grow One Quickly 

Successful writers will tell you that their email list serves as one of their greatest promotional assets. If they are honest, they’ll probably also tell you that they didn’t start out with a flock of eager subscribers. They needed to learn some promotional skills in order to attract fans. Most of us can’t just put a lead box on our website and expect a lot of visitors to offer up their email addresses in exchange for just a free subscription.

Lead Magnets for Writers

We have to enticement with something that marketers call a lead magnet. In addition to learning all about your latest books, musings, or promo offers, you need to give readers or potential readers something in return — and they need to get it quickly. In return you can collect leads fast.

What can you offer readers in return for their contact information?

You might consider these ideas if you’re a fiction writer:

  • A short story
  • An essay about alternative endings to one of your most popular stories
  • A little extra information about the early life of one of your characters.
  • A list of your 10 favorite books in the genre that weren’t written by you
  • A printable, like a coloring book page, and bookmark, or even a screen saver

If you write nonfiction, you might actually have an easier time coming up with a lead magnet. Typically, people buy nonfiction books to learn how to solve a problem or because of an interest they have.

This tips may work to attract nonfiction subscribers:

  • Success stories or case studies
  • Worksheets, forms, templates
  • An explanation of the problem that might lead a reader to you but without the detail of your book

The Lead Magnet Checklist offers general marketing information about collecting leads fast. While it’s not specific to freelance writers or authors, it discusses the basic attributes of effective lead magnets and contains a lot more ideas. You can get it as a free download at the link above, it’s a quick read, and might be worth your time.





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