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Does Accepting Guests Posts Increase Traffic?

Encourage linking back to guests posts

Make Your Guest Posters Help with Traffic!

Website and blog owners accept guests posts as a way to diversify content and showcase some great ideas and talent. The drag with accepting guest posts is that so many guest writers only want to become parasites and never send any traffic back. Traffic seems to be a one way street.

So, most blog owners don’t really see accepting guests posts as a way to increase their own traffic directly.  It may help indirectly because it helps your blog promote great content from a variety of different authors. However, some smart blog owners have figured out how to get guest posters to send more website traffic.

Encourage Guest Posters To Link Back and Send Traffic

As a solution to that problem, it is a good idea to state in your guest posting rules that you expect a link back to published posts either from a website or active social networks. Most contributors will comply with this rule, but a few won’t.

You can do what you want about the ones that won’t comply, but you might consider refusing any future posts. If it really ticks you off, you can always take down their post, but you might not want to bother to do that.

Of those that do comply, a few might even send you a strong link that adds SEO value or even sends traffic. Lots of authors are experts in their field, and they hope to increase their credibility by showing off places they have gotten published on. Your own website or blog could be that place.

Reward Guest Bloggers who Send Traffic

The Author Popularity WordPres plugin is one great way to reward guest bloggers who send traffic back. This plugin displays a box in the sidebar that lists the top authors by traffic. If your guests end up sending you back plenty of traffic, they can get promoted on every page of your website that displays the widget box. The plugin is simple to use and free.

Most authors are likely to see the value of promoting their posts in order to make it to the list of top guest posters on your website. Meanwhile, the box simply links back to the article on your site, so you’re not going to lose any more external SEO juice. It seems like a win for everybody!

You can download the Author Popularity plugin for free from Best of WordPress:


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